Windows Phone 7: Please Leave Your Old Windows Mobile Apps Behind

Microsoft didn’t tell the whole Windows Phone 7 story at the announcement during the World Mobile Congress last month. Engadget reports on a few new and, perhaps, unsettling pieces of information…

Microsoft talks Windows Phone 7 Series development ahead of GDC: Silverlight, XNA, and no backward compatibility

– Silverlight and XNA (runtime for game development) will be heavy lifters for developers
– Apps for Windows Mobile 6.x and earlier will not run on Windows Phone 7 devices

So, you won’t have to worry if your current favorite Windows Mobile apps will run on your new Windows Phone 7 smartphone: It won’t.

By the way, as you look at the various screenshots of the Zune-inspired Windows Phone 7 interface, did you notice that words are usually cut off on the right side? The idea is that phone’s display is a viewport onto a larger UI that scrolls horizontally over “tiles”. But, it seems like this metaphor might make for difficult to read email subject lines and contacts names lists (especially for contacts with long last names like mine). And, what’s with that huge black border on the right side wasting a lot of valuable screen real estate?