Windows Phone 7: OneNote rocks; SkyDrive vs. SharePoint

Windows Phone 7’s Office and media components have a weird cloud story to tell. It seems like Microsoft couldn’t quite decide what the relationship to the cloud should be and split the difference.

OneNote and digital photos can be synced to Microsoft’s free SkyDrive cloud storage service (25GB). Word, Excel, and PowerPoint cannot sync with SkyDrive. However, if your business has a Microsoft SharePoint server running, you might be able to work with files there. Meanwhile, video recordings are left out of the cloud story completely. There’s no way to directly share a video recording as you can a still photo.

That said, OneNote on Windows Phone 7 is a quite an improvement from earlier mobile incarnations. I used it for taking notes during a two hour meeting yesterday. Windows Phone 7’s on-screen keyboard was very comfortable to use in landscape orientation. And, I was able to both email the notes from OneNote as well as sync it with my SkyDrive account. Later I hopped on to a desktop and edited my notes using the cloud version of OneNote in Microsoft’s free web-based Office Live. The changes synced back as expected to OneNote in Windows Phone 7.

OneNote’s ability to sync to Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage and edit in Office Live makes up for the lack of EverNote for Windows Phone 7.