Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Due This Week (again) + ChevronWP7 Co-author Dissects Update Process

Rafael Rivera, one of the co-develpers of the ChevronWP7 Windows Phone unlocking app, is definitely someone you want to pay attention to when he says he has:
Notes on Windows Phone 7 update process thus far
Windows Phone 7, released in November 2010 in the U.S., has been conspicuous in its lack of much needed updates since its release. In early January, Engadget speculated that an update code named “NoDo” might be available in early February.
Windows Phone 7 ‘NoDo’ update hitting phones in early February, ‘Mango’ coming later with IE9?
Nothing happened in that time frame although problematic update for the Windows Phone updater was released in late February.
Last week Friday (Mar. 4), ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley quoted Microsoft in reporting that NoDo would be available on or around March 8 (sometime this week).
Windows Phone 7: Will NoDo show? Has Mango gone soft?
On Saturday (Mar. 5), ZDNet’s Matt Miller reported that NoDo was already available on the Dell Venue Pro sold in India.
Indian WP7 Dell Venue Pro appears with NoDo update
So, it looks like we’ll see how well the NoDo update rolls out shortly. Getting back to Rafael Rivera’s findings: Rafael noted that the Microsoft Update information he dissected was full of applicability rules to figure out if an update should be installed. He indicates these rules are new and were most likely added to prevent the kind of problems seen when the Windows Phone updater update bricked some Samsung phones.