Windows Phone 7 News From Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference

This week Microsoft is hosting their partners in Washington D.C. during their Worldwide Partner Conference, and the event has been an avenue for Microsoft to share information about Windows Phone 7 with their business and IT partners. At the event Microsoft provided more information about the Windows Phone Live companion web site that users can use to manage content on their phone as well as find a lost phone, lock the phone, and erase the phone’s contents. In short, Windows Phone Live will be the Windows Phone equivalent to Apple’s MobileMe and RIM’s BlackBerry Protect.
Microsoft is heavily emphasizing to their partners how Windows Phone 7 integrates with other Microsoft products and services like SharePoint and XBOX Live. As Todd wrote earlier, Microsoft has released free copies of development tools that anyone can use to write programs that take advantage of Windows Phone 7’s capabilities. The lack of integration between Windows Mobile and other Microsoft products has long been a source of frustration, so I am hopeful that Microsoft will deliver on its claims of providing better integration. Providing free tools to developers is key to encouraging and enabling people to create apps for the fledgling smartphone platform.
So far Microsoft is saying and doing the right things to get their mobile platform on the right track. Unfortunately, Microsoft has been long on talk and short on delivering in the past, so we will have to wait and see how well everything works when Windows Phone 7 phones become available later this year.