Windows Phone 7 Launch Date? Oct. 11, Oct. 15, or Nov. 11?

Microsoft has been saying that Windows Phone 7 will be available “for the holidays”. However, they’ve never specified which holiday. Labor Day has passed. So, we can eliminate that one. In early August, Microsoft’s COO was reported as saying that Europe would see WP7 phones in October while the U.S. would get it in November. A few weeks later, I noted that the first WP7 books were set to ship on November 15 supporting the earlier report in my mind.

Recently, there’s been a number of reports that October 11 is the magic release date (country not specified). Neowin reports that a European launch is set for October 21.

Exclusive: Microsoft set to launch Windows Phone 7 devices on October 21

Paul Thurrott, author of the upcoming “Windows Phone 7 Secrets” book, reports that a “reliable” source says that the U.S. WP7 launch is November 8. So, there you go! Pick a date you like and let’s see what unfolds.

October 11: Announcement?
October 21: European device launch?
November 8: U.S. device launch?