Windows Phone 7 "Jailbreak" Process Ready for the Holidays

Users of the old Windows Mobile phones (and the Microsoft mobile platforms that preceded them) don’t need to worry or even think about concepts like “jailbreaking.” That is something for iPhone owners or Android owners (“root”) a phone who want to install apps that break the rules of acessing the platform (private APIs and the like).

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, however, joins Android and iPhone in locking down the platform. Like the iPhone, Windows Phone apps can only be obtained and installed from one source – Microsoft’s Marketplace. And, also like Apple’s iPhone (iPod touch and iPad as well), there is now a way to jailbreak the phone to let you install apps from sources other than Microsoft’s Markeplace (commonly referred to as “side loading”).

The first Windows Phone 7 ‘Jailbreak’/Unlock ChevronWP7 is Out – Download now!

Note that the process of jailbreaking is generally a separate process from “unlocking” a phone. Jailbreaking and rooting modifies a phone to let you install apps that are not normally allowed. Unlocking lets you use a phone with a different wireless provider (GSM only).