Windows Phone 7 “Holiday Release” == Labor Day?

On February 15, Microsoft released a saying that Windows Phone 7 phones are in the manufacturing queue and that: Partners have already started building phones; customers will be able to purchase the first phones in stores by holiday 2010. So, what do we make of this news from Engadget?

LG’s first Windows Phone 7 handset shipping as early as September

September? September? So, “holiday 2010” is, what, Labor Day? Engadget itself speculates about a Halloween target. But, since Halloween does not rate a day off, I’ll accept either Labor Day or Veterans Day.

So, are you excited about Windows Phone 7 Series? What is this “Series” business anyway? As a person who some may have a considered to be a Windows Mobile fan-boy for many years, I have yet to gain a sense of excitement about Windows Phone 7 Series.