Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners (no programming experience necessary) Video Series

Microsoft appears to have partnered with to produce a series of web videos to help people learn how to write apps for Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 development for absolute beginners

The introduction video states that no programming experience is necessary. It advises experienced C# and Silverlight developers to view the last video in the series for pointers to more in-depth information.

Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners

There are 64 video tutorial segments in this series. Most of the video segments appear to be in the 10 to 20 minute length range. Assuming an average segment length of 15 minutes (I didn’t actually calculate a mean), this works out to somewhere around 16 hours (give or take an hour) of instructional material.

While the tutorials look like a good way to literally get started developing for Windows Phone 7, I noticed an odd quirk when viewing the videos. Silverlight is required to view these video segments. When viewed in Google’s Chrome browser on a Mac (yes, probably not the ideal platform in this particular case), the viewing window took over the entire Chrome display area. However, the video itself remained a relatively small rectangle in the window. You can see the result in the screen capture.