Windows Phone 7 & Bluetooth: What Works & What Doesn't (Netflix & audio from recorded video)

I tested Windows Phone 7’s Bluetooth with a couple of devices for the past few days. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

1. Apple Wireless Keyboard
Windows Phone 7 does not support Bluetooth keyboard profiles. This is a shame since I’ve found using a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPhone 4 to be very helpful when working on a long email messages and taking notes. It would be great to be able to use a Bluetooth keyboard with Microsoft Word mobile which ships on Windows Phone 7 devices.

2. Jabra CRUISER (car speakerphone)
Hands-free voice dialing (both call by number and call by name) work. A single tap on the CRUSIER answers an incoming call as expected.

3. Motorola S305 stereo headset with microphone
Audio-only content, such as music, can be played over a Bluetooth connection. However, audio from video content such as Netflix or video recorded by the phone is not transmitted over Bluetooth. This was unexpected and quite disappointing since I had planned to test the HD7’s battery life with watching a Netflix streaming video and listening with a Bluetooth headset.