Windows Phone 7 App Update

I’ve been using the HTC HD7 running Windows Phone 7 for several weeks now, and I thought I would share a bit with you about the apps that I am using with the phone. One important measure of how well Windows Phone 7 is doing is the number of apps that are available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. There are now 2,479 Windows Phone 7 apps in the Marketplace, which is a constantly growing number. While we can debate the quality of the apps, a higher number of available apps increases the probability that the app you are looking for is available.

Apps are important because they increase the functionality of a smartphone beyond what is provided in the base operating system. One app that I have been using on my Nexus One that is also available for Windows Phone 7 is Pageonce’s Personal Finance, which I use to keep tabs on my credit card balances as well as other financial accounts. Adding this one app increases the functionality of the HD7 by providing easy access to more of my personal information.

I am a big fan of Google Voice, and I was happy to discover several Google Voice apps that are available for Windows Phone, though most of them are not free. The first one I bought was Go Voice, which provides access to your Google Voice account so that you can access your voice mail and text messages. At the time I bought Go Voice it was lacking the ability to dial-out calls with my Google Voice number so I also bought GV for Windows Phone. Go Voice has since been updated so that it too can dial-out calls, and both apps do so using the “old” method of dialing my HD7 and then completing the call.

Other apps that I have installed on my HD7 are AP Mobile, Weatherbug, Facebook, Seesmic, and Foursquare. Both AP Mobile and Weatherbug have live tile support, AP Mobile shows a different picture each day and Weatherbug displays the current temperature and weather for the location that I select. While I have Facebook statuses appearing in the People hub, I have found the Facebook app provides more features like access to my inbox and overall it is a very nice example of a Windows Phone 7 app. I like Seesmic because it provides access to both my Twitter timeline and Facebook newsfeed. Foursquare is a nicely implemented app but I have found it to not be as accurate at finding places as the Android version of the app, but I suspect that has more to do with the GPS implementation on the HD7.

As you can tell, I haven’t installed a bunch of applications, though every day or so I check the Marketplace to see what is new. My observation based on what I see in the Marketplace is that Games are the most popular apps. I’ve also noticed that the majority of the apps are not free and range in price from $0.99 to $2.99, which I am sure makes developers happy. Right now finding new Windows Phone 7 apps is a bit like a treasure hunt, which is fun though I think it will be a while before I will feel that I can go completely without my Nexus One.