Windows Phone 7 Announced

Video courtesy of Microsoft – Silverlight required for viewing

Microsoft is now using the word “hub” to describe a related set of features like people, pictures, games, music/video, marketplace, and office. I have no idea why they need to invent a new term. But, ok. Here’s what those component types and terms mean:

People: Social networking, Facebook, Windows Live.
Pictures: Photos.
Games: Xbox LIVE
Music + Video: Zune replaces Windows Media mobile.
Marketplace: Their app store.
Office: Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OneNote, SharePoint Workspace, Outlook Mobile.

Microsoft says Windows Phone 7 will be available by holiday 2010. They don’t say which holiday. So, I’ll assume this means the end of the year.

I’m getting ready to head to the airport soon. So, I’ll hand off this news item for Frank to cover in detail.

My initial impression is: Looks nice. Where’s the third party app story? If current generation devices can’t be upgraded to 7, will current users (the few that are left) care?