Windows Phone 7.5 Bing Search App Has Speech, Music, Product Scanning and Hyperlocal Search

I’ve been using Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) on my primary voice phone for about 2 weeks now. Both small and large changes to the platform continue to impress me. The integrated Bing app was one that received a major update. Microsoft’s Bing Community blog explains what wsa added in this blog item.

Windows Phone 7.5: Bing(o) on Mango

Pressing the magnifying Bing icon on the bottom right of a Windows Phone takes you directly to the Bing app. There are four icons at the bottom of Bing’s screen. Starting from the left:

1. Local Scout is a hyper-local search mode that displays highlights of nearby rated items, restaurants, attracttions, activities and stores.
2. Music Search is a Shazam-like feature that “listens” to a song that is playing on some nearby device and shows the song name, artist, album and where it might be purchased.
3. Bing Vision uses the Windows Phone camera to identify UPC codes, QR Codes and MS Tag as well as cover art for books, CD’s, DVD’s and video games.
4. Voice Search interprets speech and initates a search based on it. This can be activated while in any app by long pressing (press and hold) the Windows soft key beneath the display.

Bing also provides an App Connect feature that identifies Windows Phone apps related to a search item.

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