Windows Mobile 6.5 Coming Soon: Developers, Here’s the Resource Site for You

Thinking about developing apps for the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5? Here’s where you can find information to get you started on Microsoft’s MSDN Windows Mobile Developer Center…

Programming for Windows Mobile 6.5

It provides pointers to the alphabet soup of SDK, DTK, and DRK (Software Developer Kit, Developer’s Tool Kit, and Developer Resource Kit) for Windows Mobile 6.5. Pointer to debugging and the Application Verifier tool is there too.

Want to know about gesture support for 6.5? It’s there too. And, thinking about using GAPI (Games API). Um, don’t do that. Read the “Just say no to GAPI” blog items linked there. And, of course, don’t forget about Microsoft’s contribution to the “let web developers develop mobile apps” bandwagon: Windows for Windows Mobile 6.5.

Microsoft is making a big deal about web-technology powered Widgets. I’m not quite convinced this is going to fly. Nokia tried to kickstart this over two years ago for S60. And, it still doesn’t seem to have traction. I’m reserving judgement about webOS until it has a bit more time on the market. And, then there’s the spectre of another ActiveX security issue even though Microsoft seems to have taken many more precautions with this technology.