Windows Messenger Leads This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU

For several weeks now, Windows Live Messenger has been climbing its way through the growth charts. Now the instant messaging app is at the top of our weekly list of fastest Facebook gainers by daily active users, with 334,214 new DAU.

The really impressive point about Live Messenger is that well over half of its total monthly active users are also daily actives. While Facebook has its own built-in messaging system, international users seem to be picking the Windows alternative in large numbers, and using it regularly.

Here’s the AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Windows Live Messenger 1,312,156 +334,214 +34.18
2. Millionaire City 530,550 +250,895 +89.72
3. Baking Life 677,665 +177,791 +35.57
4. Best Match 192,662 +158,805 +469.05
5. Kingdoms of Camelot 617,829 +139,654 +29.21
6. Fashion World 422,061 +132,990 +46.01
7. Marketplace 471,013 +126,056 +36.54
8. 德州撲克 654,578 +125,747 +23.78
9. FrontierVille 5,390,340 +122,204 +2.32
10. Zoosk 509,687 +121,624 +31.34
11. Facebook for Android 2,283,271 +110,214 +5.07
12. SuperFun Town! 121,359 +106,409 +711.77
13. Seni Kimler Takip Ediyor? 113,381 +99,751 +731.85
14. Friendly Smiles 105,708 +97,583 +1,201.02
15. EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars 675,605 +92,533 +15.87
16. OndaPix 85,656 +85,655 +8,565,500.00
17. Entrevista tus Amigos 1,471,657 +76,960 +5.52
18. Social Ratings 80,067 +67,138 +519.28
19. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones 10,487,354 +62,710 +0.60
20. Happy Pets 1,212,497 +61,150 +5.31

In the games category, sims are the chart-toppers this week, with the city builder Millionaire City and the shop management sim Baking Life coming in second and third overall. We’ll cover the group more this morning over at Inside Social Games.

Best Match is growing by leaps and bounds, although its DAU has begun diverging away from MAU growth, reflecting the fact that many new users don’t come back. But the app’s mechanic of asking users to make a judgment about friends, which is then posted to their walls, is still very powerful, and has worked for any number of apps in the past.

Marketplace, the standard buying and selling apparatus on Facebook by Oodle, may be growing again, but it’s still too soon to tell. The next non-game app down from it is Zoosk, which funnels users into a paid dating service. Zoosk’s MAU is not rising much, but over the course of this month it has raised its percentage of DAU by about three points to 11 percent, meaning that it’s doing better at engaging users.

Finally, Facebook for Android is still showing solid DAU growth, making it one of the few phone apps to do so this week. Facebook for BlackBerry can be seen trailing significantly down at number 19, with higher user numbers but lower growth, while the iPhone Facebook app hasn’t showed up at all for a couple weeks now.