Windows Live Messenger Tops This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

Windows Live Messenger leads off this week’s list of fastest-gaining Facebook games by daily active users with a healthy half-million new DAU. The messaging app is doing a great job of supplanting Facebook’s in-house chat functionality for international audiences; some 68 percent of its total monthly active userbase of 3.4 million come back on a daily basis, one of the higher retention rates we’ve seen.

Here’s the full AppData top 20:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original Windows Live Messenger2,429,143+522,225+27%
2.Original Pirates Ahoy286,094+261,556+1,066%
3.Original QuizBone330,811+223,833+209%
4.Original Baking Life1,051,448+193,187+23%
5.Original 守衛家園195,915+189,191+2,814%
6.Original Fashion World734,642+187,424+34%
7.Original Ninja Saga916,979+185,225+25%
8.App_2_125301840827866_9721 Market Street129,857+129,825+405,703%
9.Original Fanglies197,438+122,483+163%
10.Original Give Hearts576,921+120,163+26%
11.Original Games808,522+94,727+13%
12.App_2_347486061825_9369 Cafe Life188,537+91,853+95%
13.Original 德州撲克762,225+58,130+8%
14.Original Tarjetitas130,869+56,652+76%
15.Original Be Naughty!120,614+53,737+80%
16.Original Nightclub City845,726+52,701+7%
17.Original Ameba Pico119,254+50,917+75%
18.Original Zoosk348,296+45,584+15%
19.Original Mall World712,237+45,438+7%
20.Original Millionaire City710,038+44,084+7%

Electronic Arts is doing well with its latest game, Pirates Ahoy, which has docked at number two with an apparent 286,094 new DAU. Of course, Pirates is brand new, so some of those players will disappear; but at its current rate of growth, they’ll quickly be replaced. We’ll cover the rest of the games over at Inside Social Games.

QuizBone comes in third. This is actually one of the smaller quiz creator applications, but as we recently saw with Pencake, it’s possible for quiz apps to grow faster than almost any other type of app, and the roster of the largest quizzes can shift significantly over a short period of time.

There are only a couple more non-game apps on this week’s list. One is Give Hearts, a fairly standard gifting app that’s actually losing MAU as it picks up a few new DAU. The other is Be Naughty!, a dating app that has been around since last October and has grown fairly steadily since, except for a plateau between February and May.