Windows Live Messenger for Zune HD

The release of Windows Live Messenger for Zune HD is interesting to me for two reasons. One is that I think instant messaging has lost popularity over the last several years, with text messaging, Facebook, and Twitter taking its place. The second reason is that I think that the Zune HD is an awful device for running apps, particularly apps that require text input because the screen is too small and the keyboard is probably one of the worse on-screen keyboards that I have ever tried. It seems to me the only time one will want to run an app on the Zune is if it’s the only device available. I hope that the Zune HD apps that Microsoft has been developing can also run on Windows Phone 7, otherwise I don’t understand why Microsoft is investing time in developing Zune apps.

Microsoft has been working to keep Messenger relevant by providing integration with Facebook and Myspace, and that integration works in the Zune HD app. The Live Messenger Zune app has four menu options, Social, Friends, Chats, and Options. Social is where you find social networking status updates, such as on your Windows Live profile and on Facebook. Friends shows which of your contacts are currently online and available to chat. Chats shows the friends with whom you are currently chatting with, and Options provides access to the application settings.

Windows Live Messenger for Zune HD is a free app and is available now in the Zune Marketplace.