Windows Live Messenger Gets Traction with Facebook Users

For a number of weeks, the Facebook application Windows Live Messenger, from Windows Live, has been growing significantly, and it has frequently appeared on our lists of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU. As of July 7th, however, it topped these charts with a daily active user (DAU) gain of 334,214. In total, the number now surpasses 1.75 million DAUs, and nears 2.7 million monthly active users. This begs the question: Why?

Windows Live Messenger for Facebook is a tool that allows users of both the free stand-alone instant messaging service and Facebook to interconnect the two. Immediately after opening the application, it prompts the user for any Windows Live login credentials they may have. Assuming they do have a login, it will direct them to the Windows Live site, where they will set up a handful of permissions regarding what they wish to see from both Windows Live Messenger and its Facebook counterpart.

There isn’t a tremendous amount that can be done, but it does interweave some of the most widely used features of both systems. Should the user allow it, from Windows Live, they should be able see their Facebook friends and their activities. Additionally, the user’s Facebook status can also be shared – as well as any feed activities – with Messenger friends.

From the Facebook side of things, any updates to Windows Live status changes or activities will be sharable with Facebook friends, and any photos one might have can also be published and tagged on the social network.

As expected, all of these can be changed from the Facebook app itself, though it is worth noting that it takes some time for all the settings to be accessible (or visible, in the case of Windows Live). For example, the settings for “Sync Status Messages,” as of this moment, remains unavailable some 30-plus minutes after the initial setup. In time, this will sort itself out, but don’t expect to be messing with everything right away. That said, many of the features worked immediately as upon logging into Windows Live Messenger as our last Facebook status update appeared as our Windows Live status.

The last convenient feature implemented is that users can fluidly add Facebook friends that use the application to their Windows Live friend’s list as well. Moreover, if they don’t have the stand-alone program itself, they can chat with them using a familiar Live interface directly within Facebook.