Windows Live Hotmail is Gradually Rolling Out Web IM Feature

Before I proceed with this write-up I’m forced to ask Microsoft this question – “Why only now?” So ok, is reporting that Windows Live Hotmail is gradually integrating the web version of its Windows Live Messenger. As soon as this feature gets activated in your Hotmail account, you can now start IM sessions with your Windows Live Messenger contacts even if you don’t login to Windows Live Messenger. Instead, you can login to your Windows Live Hotmail account and you will see an embedded Web IM facility.
If you’re a Yahoo Messenger user, you’d know that this same feature has been present in your Yahoo Mail long before Microsoft has thought of having this feature on their Windows Live Hotmail. Even Google through its Google Labs has allowed us to chat with our contacts inside Gmail inbox. This chat facility takes GTalk, Google’s Instant Messenger or Chat facility, inside Gmail.
But better late than never, right? So, Microsoft is rolling a web IM embedded on their Windows Live Hotmal on a country-by-country basis. Currently, the feature has been rolled to the following countries -France, Italy, Mexico, UK, Japan, Brazil, China, Germany, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands and of course the USA.
If you are anywhere in those listed countries, you can start using the Web IM by signing in to your Windows Live Hotmail account and then sign-in again on the Web IM facility there.
Or if you want to start an IM session with a Windows Live Messenger Buddy, you can simply click on their icons, provided they are online, and you can immediately start chatting.