Windows 7 Release Candidate Features New Keyboard and Keyboard+Mouse Shortcuts

I’ve been running Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) for a couple of days now. It looks pretty good so far. One thing I just learned about the RC is that it includes new keyboard and keyboard+mouse shortcuts. You can learn about these shortcuts and more in this Microsoft On10 blog item…

Top 7 Things to Check Out in Windows 7 RC1

Keyboard shortcuts are important to me because as an old-time programmer, I hate taking my hands off of the keyboard. I feel it just slows me down to move my hand to grab a mouse. And, quite honestly, I’ve never gotten comfortable using a trackpad or (even worse) those little trackpoint nub thingies. So, here’s a list of the new shortcuts from the On10 blog item…

Keyboard shortcuts
– Dock your windows left and right with WindowsKey+left/right arrows.
– Win+up/down to minimize / restore / maximize.
– Win+Shift+up/down arrows to maximize and restore vertical size.
– Win+Shift+left/right arrows to jump windows to other monitors.
– Win+P to change through display modes.
– Win+1, Win+2, etc.. For launching new instance of any of the first five icons on your taskbar.
– Win+Space to peek at your desktop.
– Win+T will put focus on the taskbar so you can use the arrow keys to select which window or group, then hit enter.

Keyboard+Mouse shortcuts
– Want to flick through a bunch of open Outlook windows? Control + Click on the Outlook icon in the task bar. That works for any program with multiple windows like Internet Explorer.
– Shift+Click on a application in your taskbar to launch a new instance of it, like a web browser.
– Shift+Right Click on a file in Windows Explorer to get an expanded Send To menu.

BTW & FYI: Did you notice the blog item calls this Release Candidate “RC1”? Does this mean there will be a second one? I thought Microsoft said there would be only one beta and one RC?