Windows 7 Beta Satisification Much Higher Than Vista Beta; Say Goodbye to Free XP Support

Computerworld reports on a small group (68 corporate IT staff surveyed) of Windows 7 Beta testers and found that the…

Poll reveals user love for Windows 7

They report that 44% of the users reported by very satisfied with Windows 7 Beta. This compares with the 11% who reported themselves to be very satisfied with Windows Vista during its beta test period. Having participated in both beta tests, I can add my vote to the camp of very satisfied Windows 7 Beta users as well as the 89% of Vista beta testers that were less than very satisfied.

This is great news for netbook users and potential netbook buyers because, as The Register reminds us…

Microsoft killing free XP support next week – Office 2003 on chopping block too

Windows XP is, of course, the operating system installed on the vast majority of netbooks today. So, the survey finding reinforcing the notion that Windows 7 will be better received than Windows Vista is good news. I’ve been running Windows 7 Beta on an Asus Eee PC 1000HA since January. I use it frequently. And, in fact, I used it as my only computer on two trips last month to Seattle and New York City. The only thing I really want is better battery management from 7. Asus’ proprietary Super Hybrid Engine gave me about 4.5 hours of battery time with the WiFi on 100% of the time and in normal use. I get about 3.75 hours of use with the same usage behavior under Windows 7.