Win a Nook or Kobo eReader During Read an eBook Week

Read an eBook Week starts on Sunday, and here’s your chance to win an eReader. Rita Toews, the genius behind Read an eBook Week, will be giving away a Barnes & Noble Nook and 3 Kobo eReaders next week. All you have to do is visit the Read an eBook Week website and answer this questions:

(Kobo) Kobo uses ePub format, which allows for downloading content from various sources, including your library. Who developed ePub format, and in what year?

(Nook) Although other display technologies may come and go, the E Ink corporation deserves credit for WHAT?

That’s not the only thing you can win next week. Steve Jordan will be raffling off a pair of E-ink watches. You can find more details on his website.

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