Win A Mention at the Next TED Conference

A tipster put us on to an interesting eBay auction happening now. (Thanks tipster!)

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which was at this year’s Sundance Film Festival) is taking bids for the naming rights to his 2011 TED talk, taking place March 2 in Long Beach, CA. The topic is “Worlds Imagined.”

Spurlock’s pitch says:

In my discussion, I will explore the world of branding, advertising and the entertainment industry. If you are the highest bidder, then during my talk I will make reference to your company, reflect positively on your placement and share the process of how you got involved.

Bidding ends next Thursday, February 17 and, with 16 bids, it’s up to $510 at about noon today.

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Update: The winning bid was $7,100, bidder EMC.