Win A Free Trip On This Week's Most Explosive Pages

From contests to pages for those who still can't get enough of the royal wedding, this week's list tackles all the latest hot trends.

This week we feature a new batch of ten pages chasing the one million fan milestone, and they have all shown promising weekly growth. From contests to pages for those who still can’t get enough of the royal wedding, this week’s list tackles all the latest hot trends. Use our statistics tool for more in-depth page stats, and check out this week’s list below!

This Week’s Explosive Pages

Name# Of FansDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Expedia861,51835,313224,567
2. Fast And Furious Five353,84751,120206,304
3. “Doctor’s Diary”271,03068160,811
4. The British Monarchy486,6043,833135,688
5. Thor338,29240,678127,638
6. Love UK255,551404121,086
7. Applebee’s728,3662,056116,459
8. Folgers279,81566197,608
9. Slow Türk929,8742,12182,299
10. Akbank259,4676,29381,431

Score free stuff: With the help of five friends, and in three easy steps, you could be entered in Expedia‘s FriendTrips contest; 224,567 fans have helped the cheap airfare service’s social networking home land in the top spot. The German page promoting Fast and Furious Five is also hosting a giveaway on their page where fans can score movie-related goodies; the film finished just behind with a 206,304 seven day increase.

Applebee’s is currently running a creative promotion giving away gift cards to fans who help pass the page along to friends on the social network; the restaurant comes in seventh this week as 116,459 people tapped the “like” button. Fans are keeping up with Folgers to keep an eye on any surprise promotions that may arise; the possibility of free samples has helped in the brand welcome 97,608 new likers.

From the television to the big screen: Facebook users took to German program “Doctor’s Diary” over the past seven days; the page rests comfortably in the third spot this week with a 160,810 increase. Thor hits theaters this Friday, and the anticipation is growing on Facebook; 127,638 social networkers “liked” the film’s Facebook home for clips and other updates.

The Royal Wedding: In case you haven’t had enough of the Royal Wedding, our list has been filling up with community and more beneficial choices that allow fans to relive the day. The British Monarchy social networking hub is still posting video and picture updates from the event; the page comes in fourth this week as it tallies a 135,688 weekly growth total. Love UK brings you all the latest happenings from across the pond; the page finishes a couple spots behind as 121,086 people tuned in last week for updates surrounding William and Kate.

Around the globe: Slow Türk is rapidly approaching a million fans. The music page keeps fans updates on the hottest Turkish artists; the page lands in the ninth spot this week with a 82,299 weekly growth. Akbank rounds out our list this week; the page’s interactive content has helped it nab a 81,431 growth total.

Readers, did any trends or pages particularly stand out to you this week?