Win A Copy Of Hacking Work In MediaBistro Contest

MediaBistro Jobs Daily is running a contest this week for the chance to win a free copy of “Hacking Work” by Bill Jensen and Josh Klein.

The book is about how to circumvent bureaucratic rules in the workplace in order to get some actual work done. Here is more from MDJ: “Work is full of stupid rules. (That’s a big reason why many people choose to freelance – no economic security, but no stupid rules, either!) You can’t use the e-mail program you want to use, and instead you’re stuck with Lotus Notes. You have to print out some form in triplicate but god help you if you try to save paper by using both sides. And so on.”

MJD explains how to enter: “Share your favorite workplace hack a la “Hacking Work” with us, either in the comments or on Twitter (just send us an @MediaJobsDaily). This could be anything from a time-saving computer trick to your secret method of hypnotizing your boss that lets you leave early on alternating Thursdays.”

If you win, your story will be shared, but don’t worry because you don’t have to use your real name. The winner will be chosen randomly from all submissions.

You have until tomorrow to enter.