Win A Copy Of Get Seen

We have one copy of Steve Garfield’s Get Seen available to one reader. So if you’ve been dying to learn more about online video, you’ll want to enter our contest. (Read more about the book first.)

Here’s what you have to do:
Tell us (or leave us a comment, or @ us on Twitter), in 140 characters or less, why you want to learn about online video and how it will help you in your job (or job search). We’ll collect the best responses (reserving the right to toss out submissions that are obviously jokes, etc) and select the winner with your help (you’ll vote, but we reserve the right to be the ultimate arbiter—so if you vote for yourself a thousand times we’re just going to disqualify you). We’ll judge on brevity, originality, and also by throwing darts at a bunch of your submissions. (Kidding!)

The initial round of submissions begins now and runs through February 24. So get going!