Win a Charity Auction and Get Your Favorite Celebrity to Follow You on Twitter

It’s being called TwitRelief, and for some reason, it’s being panned right now on Twitter. Celebrities from the UK are auctioning off some serious Twitter action for the winners of their Comic Relief Charity, running March 10th to 20th. However, there seems to be some backlash on Twitter, mainly against the prize of a follow, mention and retweet for the auction’s winner.

TwitRelief encourages people to bid on their favorite celebrity on eBay. The winner of each auction will receive a follow, a retweet, and a mention by that particular celebrity on Twitter.

There are also some other, non-Twitter prizes being given away, including walk-on parts in movies and TV shows, signed copies of scripts, tickets to events, and even a personal comedy performance via Skype.

You can view all of these TwitRelief auctions on the Comic Relief eBay page, and go ahead and bid yourself. Money raised will go to support Comic Relief, which strives to create a world free from poverty.

While this is certainly a good cause and many people see it that way, there is a very vocal minority on Twitter right now complaining that TwitRelief (which is a trending topic) is just “ego stroking” for celebrities. Take a look at this top tweet:

And a few more:

It’s good to see that most tweets about TwitRelief are staunchly in support of its charitable aim or are deriding the naysayers, but it surprised me to see such backlash. I guess anything with famous faces attached will always have it’s detractors.