Wilmington Editor Buries The Lede; Congrats Ginger Gibson

The executive editor of the Wilmington News Journal wrote a column, published today, about the harassment political reporter Ginger Gibson has received from Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell, neglecting to mention until the last graf of a three-page piece that Gibson’s tenacity has landed her a job at the (New Jersey) Star-Ledger.

Apparently until Tuesday, O’Donnell “had not spoken to Gibson since March, that her staff had blocked Gibson from covering events, and that the candidate’s bodyguards had, on one occasion, physically shoved the young reporter into a chair…Gibson has pleaded with O’Donnell and her team to answer questions, to no avail. And O’Donnell is the only congressional candidate who has so far declined our invitation for an hour-long live online chat and video interview at delawareonline.com.”

EE David Ledford praises Gibson a number of times, saying she “has certainly proved her professional mettle” and that while O’Donnell may prefer that the paper assign a new reporter, “we will cover her in the future…as all ethical newspapers do, with the reporter of our choosing.”

But just not Gibson.

Is this the greatest farewell memo from an editor ever? Most of the time these aren’t printed in the actual paper—they’re confined to the fake news fronts that the designers make to present to you with your cake.

(P.S., here’s Gibson’s Twitter…though not yet updated with her new gig. Congrats to her!)