Willow and Jaden Smith Cover Interview, Say More Weird Things

Oh, to be young and oblivious.

1280_willow_jaden_smith_interview_magazine_coverWillow and Jaden Smith—the 15-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, respectively—are the latest Interview cover stars. In the accompanying interview, Willow and Jaden say lots of weird things that show their complete lack of self-awareness, because that’s what these two kids do. Willow, on her morning:

This morning actually was pretty intense because I was thinking about the world and my place in the world, things that I have made or want to make. I was thinking about all the things that I could do that I don’t do. But, you know, I was just thinking about the world and everything.

Yes, of course. The world and everything. Jaden, whose father made roughly $260 million last year, on how people shouldn’t focus on money:

A lot of times, people are trying to be happy in the wrong ways—with money or with different things that are not true happiness. It’s leading people down a rabbit hole that actually doesn’t exist. So people think like, ‘Yo, once I get this money and these cars and stuff, I’ma be so happy.’ But that’s not true.