Williamson Joins National Staff

From The Washington Post’s Liz Spayd:

    We’re pleased to announce that Elizabeth Williamson will join the National staff as our new reporter covering the federal bureaucracy, replacing Chris Lee. Elizabeth is joining us fully loaded with ideas about covering federal Washington, from the light and frivolous to the hard-edged and investigative. She also comes with a wide range of experience gathered all over the globe. She started in journalism in 1994 as a freelancer in Eastern Europe, writing from the Balkans, and then Russia. She joined the Wall Street Journal in 1999 as a one-woman bureau based in Warsaw.

    In 2003, Elizabeth came to The Post as a general assignment reporter in Metro, wandering around Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania for stories of all variety. Last summer, Elizabeth did a terrific job when she was assigned to cover the charitable response to Hurricane Katrina, writing about logjams in delivering federal and private aid to problems at the Red Cross. This past year she’s taken her talents to the environmental beat, where she’s just completing a year-long stint. She starts with us on Monday, and all we ask is that you don’t call her “Liz.” We already have one of those.