William Shatner to Star in ‘Shit My Dad Says’ Pilot

William Shatner has signed up for the role of zany dad for CBS’ pilot of the Twitter phenomenon Shit My Dad Says.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“The casting of Shatner lifts the contingency on CBS’ multicamera family comedy project based on the Twitter account, which has enlisted more than 1.16 million followers since launching in August and has made its creator, Justin Halpern, an Internet star.

The pilot, executive produced by “Will & Grace” creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, was originally set up at CBS with a script commitment in November. Now, with Shatner on board, it has been greenlighted to pilot.”

Here’s hoping CBS doesn’t butcher the concept by watering it down beyond recognition. In a censor free dream world, how great would it be to see Shatner say this:

“STOP apologizing. You’re sorry, he gets it, Jesus. You spilled a glass of wine, not fucked his wife.”

Or this:

“Been thinking for a while, and I’d say there’s 1.5 pounds of shit in the dog. Tried to get the vet to weigh a sack of it. No dice.”

Or this!

“If Mom calls, tell her I’m shitting… Son, marriage is about not having to lie about taking a shit.”