William Faulkner’s Lectures Digitized

William Faulkner
‘s lectures and readings from his residency at the University of Virginia in the 1950’s have been digitized and published online.

You can hear all of the readings and lectures here.

NPR reports: “Stephen Railton, a professor of English at the university, led the effort to make Faulkner’s lectures available to the public. Says Railton, ‘I’ve spent an awful lot of my life in the last decade in virtual reality, exploring the ways in which these new technologies can help us tell the story about American literature and culture.”

Here is an excerpt from a lecture Faulkner gave addressing young writers: “I think that perhaps all writers, while they are hot, working at top speed to try to get said all they feel the terrific urgency to say, don’t read the writers younger, after themselves. …That was true in my own case, anyway, so there was a gap of about twenty-five years during which I had almost no acquaintance whatever with contemporary literature.”

The collection also includes readings from Spotted Horses, The Town, and The Sound and the Fury.