Will You Still Need It, Will You Still Feed It, When Facebook’s Sixty-Four?


This writer hasn’t hopped on whole hog with this web 2.0 “share your life with people you don’t know” thing, from the Facebooks to the MySpace pages (he has one of the later, but he’s never seen it because his girlfriend runs the page after getting fed up with him refusing to start one in the interest of bettering his connections and career). He will be the first to admit that he is slow to adopt things and is, in general, a curmudgeon of the highest order. However, that’s not to say that the phenomenon isn’t interesting and thus, in that long winded intro, we get to Richard Stelmach‘s “What Will Facebook Look Like in 40 Years?” In the instant you click on it and take a look at the mocked-up site, it’s funny, but almost as quickly, that realization hits you that, “Oh yeah, this kind of stuff probably isn’t going to go away” and so it also serves you with a nice little bit of thinking to do about what this here wired world will look like once we’re of a certain age.