Is The New York Times Coming to Your Bathroom Mirror Soon?

While The New York Times is currently focusing on print, online, apps, and even Google Glass experiences today, the company has a lab in which they think about how readers might want to consume its content in the future.

In a talk at the AppNation conference in New York today, Michael Zimbalist, VP of research & development operations at The New York Times Co., revealed that his team is thinking about the next place that consumers will want to read news. He imagines a world in which the news is available on your coffee table or your bathroom mirror, if of course, these items become connected.

“In the lab we envision a world where everything is connected,” said Zimbalist.

The media company is testing a Google Glass app, and Zimbalist says that whether Google Glass is the thing that wins, he does experience that soon we’ll have a connected hub in our pockets beyond just mobile phones. “Instead of looking at maps, your right shoe [will be] buzzing when you have to turn… your wallet ringing when [your] kid away at college has just exceeded their credit card limit,” he said, explaining that five years ago people would have scratched their head, but today it’s easier to imagine. “