Will Wallace Nail Wallace?


Tomorrow morning promises to be a interesting day at Fox News Sunday, where host Chris Wallace will sit down with one of the toughest interviewers out there: his dad.

Mike Wallace‘s wide-ranging and news creating press tour for his latest book, “Between You and Me,” started with NBC’s Today Show and continues in the morning with FNS.

The pre-taped interview made both Wallaces nervous, explains the AP’s David Bauder.

“For Chris, 58, it felt unusual primarily because cameras were rolling. Their personal conversations would often reflect a father-son rivalry, as they engaged in a sort of loving trash talk. Their expression for it was more profane,” he writes. “When Mike, 87, walked in on a waiting Chris in the Fox News Channel green room, they warmly gripped each other’s right hands. They talk frequently, but hadn’t seen each other in months. Even Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes stopped by to see this summit.”