Will Twitter Adopt Google’s Two-Step Verification Process In Response To Recent Attacks?

Twitter was pretty massively attacked recently and experienced lots of minor outages, so we can be pretty sure they’ll be ramping up security measures some time soon. But what will THAT look like for users?

If they adopt Google’s two-step verification process (and some folks think they will), it will make Captcha images seem fun and inviting. And yes, we know that captchas pretty solidly suck.

In case you don’t know what a Captcha image looks like – here you go. They’re those amazingly frustrating distorted numbers and letters, which are usually blurred in some fashion to boot, which many websites employ as a protection against bots.

Well, if you think THAT’s bad – it’s nothing compared to the aggravation you’ll experience if Twitter requires two-step verification similar to the horror show that Google uses.

What’s so bad about it? You can read about common issues here, but a quick summary:

To sign in, you need to provide a six-digit passcode for each computer only once (assuming the computer is always recognized), so that part isn’t so terrible. What IS terrible is having to input a code for each application you use or else it will no longer work on your phone. And this is just a fresh hell that keeps on giving.

Why does anyone think Twitter would do such a thing to us? According The Guardian, “[t]he intention is revealed in a job posting by Twitter for a “software engineer – product security”, among whose tasks would be to ‘design and develop user-facing security features, such as multifactor authentication and fraudulent login detection’.”

Let’s hope they hire someone who appreciates our sanity a bit more than that.

And if you’d like to make other assumptions based on new positions listed, check out these posts for handy lists! All wild ideas and tips will be appreciated and considered if posted below.

(Crazy image from Shutterstock)