Will there ever be a star multimedia journalist?

Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, Katie Couric. All beloved American journalists. All on TV. Will there ever be a multimedia journalist to rise above the pack and become a star reporter? The field of multimedia journalism has it heroes: Dan Gillmor, Rob Curley, Adrian Holovaty, etc., but many of them are unknown to the mainstream public.

America is obsessed with celebrity and there is nothing to say a non-traditional journalist can’t be the apple of America’s eye. If newspapers are to go the way of the dinosaur, surely there will be a maverick new media journalist who will become America’s sweetheart.

As I write this post, the first contender to come to mind is Kevin Sites of Hot Zone fame. Sites is an incredibly talented and resourceful backpack journalist, but judging by the swooning graduate students at his visit to the UC Berkeley J-School some time ago, you would have thought he was a rock star.

On the other hand, what makes one journalist more starworthy than another? What separates Ted Koppel from say Steve Edwards? That’s up to America to decide, I guess.

Do you know any rock star multimedia journalists? Should the nation idolize the people behind the journalism? Share your thoughts in the comments.