Will the Smartbook Platform War Pit Google Against Google? Android vs. Chrome OS

The so-called SmartBook platform war is about to begin (though most of us are waiting for Apple to announce something later this month before taking sides elsewhere). And, it looks like one of the platform battles pits Google against… Google…

Asus weighing up Chrome versus Android

Asus could, of course, simply choose to ignore both Android and Chrome OS. But, what alternative is left? Windows 7 is good but not suitable for a smartbook. My belief is the key to a good smartbook is to ability to instantly suspend and awake from a suspended state (active smartphones). My preference for smartbooks is Android because of its ability to download and install native apps. I’d be happy to see a Windows CE based smartbook too. But, it doesn’t look like Microsoft is interested in testng the water. Perhaps their Handheld PC flameout at the turn of the century soured them on the concept. Personally, I thought the old Handheld PCs were great and got a lot value from using them over the years. I continued using my HP Jornada 720 as a ultra portable word processor for years after Handheld PCs disappeared from the market.

Of course, Apple’s rumored tablet/slate entry could simply own the market making the choice between Android and Chrome OS an academic one.