Will the Roewe 350 Automobile Beat the Droid to Become the Second Android 2.1 Device Available?

Check out this ZDNet item:

Roewe 350 touted as the world’s first Android-powered automobile

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to turn this blog into a car review blog. But, automobiles are mobile. And, this Roewe car model (Roewe is a China based car company) even uses the Android OS. So, I just had to mention it here. And, get this, it is using Android OS 2.1. The only production device I can think of using this is the Nexus One. So, if the Roewe 350 car gets out on to the road next month before Motorola and Verizon releases the delayed Droid update for OS 2.1, the car will be the second Android OS 2.1 device out there beating the Droid.