Will The Real @MayorEmanuel Please Stand Up?

After his alter-ego became the most quotable guy on Twitter Thursday, Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel offered a cash donation to charity if the person behind the imposter account @MayorEmanuel would step forward and reveal himself after the election.

The Twitter hijacking added a new dimension to the mayoral debate Thursday, when the whole Twitterverse was privy to the innerworkings of “Emanuel’s” mind. And he was on fire!

“Holy s—, have you been outside yet? It’s f—— warm! Let’s do the debate outside, pool-party style,” tweeted @MayorEmanuel, the rabid Twitter user who has amassed more than 29,000 followers.

Thoroughly slamming the debate throughout (“I am still 100 percent f—— positive that this debate would be way f—— better if we were using muppets”), @MayorEmanuel of course declared himself the victor at its close, adding a simple, “Ron Majors, m—– f—— beer me.”

But the best part of the whole impostorship was when user Daniel X. O’Neil, @juggernautco, challenged the Twittersphere to a Tweet-Off next week, in homage. “Hey, everybody — Monday is Tweet Like @MayorEmanuel Day!” It’s m—–f—— on.