Will the Public Love Verizon’s Valentine’s Day Phone?

Verizon Today is the first day of February, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The public views Valentine’s Day as a symbol of everything that is both right and wrong with our society. Love deserves a day of celebration, but no one should have to choose between buying a bunch of overpriced nicknacks and sleeping on the couch.

Nevertheless, the commercialization of Valentine’s Day is an unstoppable beast, so we all must comes to terms with it on a personal level. There will always be people who embrace holidays with a fervor and passion that requires decorating the banister, dressing the dog in a ridiculously-themed holiday outfit and wearing a gaudy sweater that commemorates the occasion as only an uncle with a steel plate in his head can.

So we can’t blame Verizon for wanting to cash in on the Valentine’s Day bonanza. There will be plenty of people eager to buy the brand’s hot pink Valentine’s Day edition Motorola Droid RAZR M, which comes with a holiday discount for $50. So if hot pink is your thing (or your significant other’s thing), then this is the phone for you this Valentine’s Day.

But is this a step too far?

We know there is backlash from the public about how stores and companies have pushed the reach of Christmas sales and promotions beyond the natural boundary of Thanksgiving Day. But Valentine’s Day is in the middle of the grayest, most miserable month of the year. One would think that hot pink and deep red would be welcome colors regardless of the context.

And yet, we have to wonder when this commercial push will cross the invisible line between inevitable and unacceptable. From dinner reservations and trite greeting cards to overpriced roses and special episodes of every sitcom, it’s all a bit much.

Do you think brands have oversaturated the public with their profit-driven V-day campaigns?

If you plan to buy the Verizon Valentine’s Day edition Droid, we’re guessing your answer is “no.”