Will The Pot Call The Kettle Black?

Things we couldn’t make up:

Time Inc. editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine, who made the controversial choice last summer to turn over the notes of a reporter threatened with jail for refusing to identify a source, is writing a book about anonymous sources.

“Off the Record” is scheduled to be published by Nan A. Talese, an imprint of Doubleday, in 2007.

The article quotes Pearlstine as saying the Valerie Plame case “taught me a lot about how anonymous and confidential sources have been used and misused, leading to some of our best and worst journalism. The professional and personal reflections that prefaced my decision also gave me insights into the standards and guidelines needed to help restore journalism and the publics faith in it.”

Um, yea. For one thing, selling your reporters down the river might do a lot to help restore your employees’ trust in you. But we’re just sayin’….