Will The New Kindle Have A Touchscreen?

Speculation is stirring that Amazon will come out with a new Kindle and that this Kindle will feature a touchscreen and a stylus for taking notes.

These theories are circulating online ever since Fusible.com discovered that Amazon had registered the domains “kindlescribe.com” and “kindlescribes.com”.

Time has more: “It would certainly be a logical step for Amazon, which recently started a rental program for college text books. Being able to scratch notes in the margins would come in handy for students, especially because doing so on a printed text book would devalue its resale price. I also would love to see a note-taking Kindle app with synced audio recording, like a digital version of LiveScribe.”

Adding a stylus and a touchscreen would help Kindle stay one step ahead of Barnes & Noble and Nook, both of who already have touch screen black-and-white eInk eReaders.