Will the iPhone Get Bluetooth Keyboard Support with the OS 3.2 Update?

Do you know what omission really surprised me during the Apple iPad announcement? If you guessed the lack of a camera, you are close. But, no, that was not my #1 surprise. I was surprised that iPhone OS 4.0 was not mentioned. If you look at this timeline, you may understand my surprise.

– Jan. 2010 – iPad and iPhone OS 3.2 announced
– Mar. 2010 (end of) – iPad WiFi edition expected to be released
– Apr. 2010 (end of) – iPad 3G edition expected to be released
– End of June to early July 2010 – Likely time for Apple Worldwide Developer Conference
– Jul. 2010 – iPhone 4G available (best guess)

If my guesses for the last two items are correct, the iPad will only run iPhone OS 3.2 for a few months before OS 4.0 becomes available in July. Speculation for OS 4.0 includes more multitasking and, though not platform related, the availability of the iPhone and iPad by carriers other than AT&T.

But, wait, let’s backup to iPhone OS 3.2 before we start speculating about 4.0. Do you know what surprise #3 was for me during the iPad announcement? I was surprised that the iPad not only works with its docking keyboard but also provides support for at least one wireless Bluetooth keyboard. If you head over to Apple’s…

iPad Design

…webpage, you’ll find: And because iPad has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, it works with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, too.. I wonder if this means that the iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation or newer) will be able to work with the Apple Wireless Keyboard when the OS 3.2 updates are available?