Will The iPhone And iPad Share Applications?

In a blog post titled Still Pondering The iPad, And Tablets In General, Mark Stout says the following near the end of the post…

“But if I had an iPad, then having an iPhone would be logical since any app you buy for one, would work on the other.”

I thought this was an interesting comment by Mark. We know that the iPad and iPhone will run the same applications and therefore there will likely be a combined app store for both devices. What I find interesting is the idea that may be users could pay one license for an application in the store, and be able to run that application on both the iPad and iPhone.

As a rule, software vendors require one to buy a new copy of an application for each computer that application will run on. There have been some exceptions, such as Microsoft allowing a single copy of Office to run on a person’s laptop and desktop computer, under the assumption that the same person would only use one computer at a time. At the moment we don’t know how Apple will handle licensing for applications, though iTunes does know what device is being synchronized so I suspect iTunes could track which device has an application. It occurs to me that this situation could happen right now for people who have multiple iPhones or an iPhone and iPod Touch, so if you could post in the comments how this works, I would appreciate it.