Will the Dual Core Intel Atom D510 Processor Ever Appear in a Netbook-like Device?

ars technica has a nice summary of what we can expect from the next Intel Atom processors…

Intel reveals next-generation Atom details

Intel’s Atom processors are best known for their use in netbooks. The vast majority of netbooks use either the N270 or the more recently available N280 processors with a smattering using one of the Z series Atom processors (like the apparently sluggish Z520 in my Eee PC T91MT touch screen netbook).

ars technica’s article discusses three upcoming processors: The N450, D410, and D510. The N450 is a single core processor like the N270/N280 processors we see today. The most interesting processor in the bunch, however, is the D510 which unlike all other Atom processors we’ve see so far has a dual core. The article says that the D series chips are aimed at entry level desktops or “nettops”. But, I wonder (hope) if we might see the D510 appear in netbooks or tablet type devices.