Will Taking a Holiday Temp Job Tarnish Your Resume? Expert Says Not Really

Here’s the situation – feel free to silently nod in agreement if you know where this person is coming from.

You may be out of work for a while and with the holidays right around the corner (heck, they’re already here!), there are several opportunities to earn some more Benjamins. Should you go for it in the spirit of earning much-needed cash and giving you something to do or refrain since it doesn’t exactly align with the polished resume and personal brand you’re trying to create?

In today’s New York Post, a reader wrote in and is considering taking a temporary holiday retail job after being out of an IT job for about six months. Will taking a “menial job” and putting it on his or her resume hurt the odds of getting a new full-time gig?

Not likely says Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry. In his column, he writes: “You’re more likely to get hurt with the stampede of door-buster holiday shoppers than take a hit to your image with prospective employers. And by the way, retail work isn’t ‘menial.'”

With the spirit of not thinking any type of job is beneath you, consider this: You’re not alone. So many people take jobs even though they’re underemployed in order to help pay the bills, even when it’s not an opportunity they would have previously pursued if circumstances were different. Plus, by taking a temp job, you can learn new skills like remaining patient and developing strong helpful customer service skills in an otherwise stressful situation.

He adds, “Employers understand the realities of the economy and for many, the work ethic that stringing together a bunch of temporary jobs demonstrates could be an advantage.”