Will She Stay Or Will She Go?

Will Hardball’s Tammy Haddad Go To Good Morning America?
Only If She Can Somehow Do It From D.C.
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>UPDATE: And here’s what Howard Mortman (he of the Extreme-ness) has to say about it:

    My old boss at “Hardball,” Tammy is a true lover of politics — and in my opinion has been instrumental in reminding MSNBC brass that there is an audience for politics and public policy. If it happens, her departure could be devasasting for MSNBC leading to the critical 2006 mid-term elections — and preparing for the 2008 presidential elections. Tough to find hard-charging dedicated professional women as passionate about covering politics as Tammy. Even tougher to imagine MSNBC successfully covering politics without her. Will be fascinating to watch this play out.