Will Sarah Palin Declare A Presidential Run On Facebook?

Sarah Palin's Facebook page continues to make it look like she might run for president.

Don’t think the Republican field of 2012 presidential candidates is finalized. With a cover story in Newsweek, a movie release later this week and a provocative new note on Facebook, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin thinks she can still win it all.

It’s another full-on media blitz for her this week, which are leading many, including Palin herself, to speculate on her entry into the race. The Newsweek cover story, “Palin Plots Her Next Move,” is complete with a photo gallery of the former governor donning sports casual gear in her native Alaska — perfect presidential material. She says she has months to decide, and her family will be a key factor, though she admits most of her children want her to go for it.

The magazine piece was preceded by a new note on her Facebook page over the weekend, with the provocative title, “The Sugar Daddy Has Run Out of Sugar,” referring to President Barack Obama’s handling of the mounting debt crisis.

And finally, the long awaited full-feature film, The Undefeated, debuts nationwide this week. The picture is meant to revive her popularity from when she joined the ticket with Senator John McCain in 2008.

So all the elements are there for a presidential run. The question is, will she? And as Sarah Palin herself says this week, can she win? And will she announce her run on Facebook like some of her GOP colleagues?

Readers, what do you think of Sarah Palin’s chances if she runs for president in 2012?