Will Santa Clause 3 Be Bigger Than Borat? | Grove Too ‘Green’ For Daily News | Truman’s Exit Tension | Jared Paul Stern, O’Reilly Haters Get Book Deals | Larry King’s ‘Infotainment’

  • Jared Paul Stern: Sells book. [Gawker]
  • Will Santa Clause 3: Be bigger than Borat? Early indications are yes. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]
  • Lloyd Grove: Says Daily News couldn’t afford him. [Gawker]
  • James Truman’s Exit: Over tension with owner? [NYP]
  • Producers of SweetJesusIHateBillO’Reilly: To pen book. [Radar]
  • FCC: Rejects challenge to Viacom smut settlement. [B&C]
  • Larry King: Some nights, journlism; other nights, “infotainment.” [Details via TVNewser]