Will Rupert And Sumner Thrive In The Recession?


Fortune‘s John Simons recently interviewed several media industry analysts. He asked them for their takes on what the coming recession will mean for ther world’s largest media conglomerates:

Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz is preparing for a rougher ride for this recession. “Our industry thesis is informed by our view that a recession in 2008 is likely, and that its impact could be more severe than those experienced in either 1990-91 or 2001,” he says. Creutz does see some companies’ weathering and even prospering during a downturn. He likes Viacom’s prospects, for instance, because cable networks can rely on subscriber and affiliate fees to help offset an advertising slowdown. And News Corp. may fare well too, due to its global operations.

Simons’ conclusion? “To survive and thrive in bad times get online and overseas.”